A senior competition is held on Thursday nights from 8.00 – 10.30pm.


Competition is open to male and female players of all standards, beginners to advanced players. It does not matter if you are really strong or just love to have fun playing badminton. You can join in. New players are welcome.


Each evening, a tailored system is used to rank players and allocate games for the evening. Players are placed into four rounds of doubles games – Each round is 2 games to 21 – rally point.


If there is time and you have the energy – PLAY ON!!


If you can’t play each week, that’s OK too. Come when you can.



Court Fees are $10 per night payable to Werribee Badminton. There is no entry fee into the stadium.

Plus each player is required to provide a shuttle each night.

We use yellow epsilon shuttles, and it is preferable that these are used so that the competition is equal for everyone.

Plus – Registration $20 per calendar year.

Werribee Badminton is required to pay insurance for each player. Registration is to cover this cost.



P: O42O 963 596